Damian Lillard launches recruiting pitch to Kevin Durant


Damian Lillard needs a superstar running mate.

Things aren’t going so well in Brooklyn. So Lillard tries his luck.

The Trail Blazers sharp shooter takes such a subtle step on an Instagram Story on Saturday to get Kevin Durant to come to Portland. Unless he has some Photoshop skills in addition to his basketball and hip-hop skills, it looks like he got some help.

Lillard posted this image of himself alongside Durant in a Trail Blazers uniform on Saturday afternoon. On Saturday evening, it was gone. But he left it long enough for social media users to take a few screenshots, including teammate Jusuf Nurkic.

Because of course. Why wouldn’t Nurkic and everyone else associated with the Trail Blazers want to join their franchise player in his speech to Durant. Is there any chance Durant is interested? Who knows?

Now that would be a fun NBA pairing. (Meng Yongmin/Xinhua via Getty Images)

A Brooklyn Nets season that began with championship expectations ended in flames from a first-round sweep of the Boston Celtics fueled by Kyrie Irving’s sabotage and refusal to be available for most of the season. regular season. The Nets seem to be tired of Irving’s unreliability to the point that Irving’s future with the team isn’t guaranteed. It’s a situation that could ultimately lead to a split between Irving and Durant.

In that case, would Durant be interested in a move to Portland? On a purely basketball front, it’s a more than intriguing prospect. Durant would be the superstar Lillard never had the advantage of playing with. The proposed pairing would immediately elevate the Blazers to title contenders.

Reality deems the move highly unlikely, even if the necessary dominoes fell in Brooklyn and Durant was in fact interested in Lillard’s proposal. During the approach of the first year of a four-year, $194 million extension which puts him under Brooklyn’s control throughout the 2025-26 season – unless they trade him first.

It all adds up to a ridiculous longshot. But if you’re Lillard or a Portland fan, it’s fun to dream. This is the heart of the NBA offseason.