Ukrainian President Zelensky appears in Grammys video message

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky appeared in a video message at the Grammy Awards asking for help in telling the story of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

During the broadcast on the show on Sunday, he compared the invasion to a deadly silence threatening to extinguish the dreams and lives of the Ukrainian people, including children.

“Our musicians wear bulletproof vests instead of tuxedos. They sing for the wounded in the hospitals, even for those who can’t hear them,” he said. “But the music will break through anyway.”

Ahead of the ceremony, The Recording Academy, along with its partner Global Citizen, promoted a social media campaign called “Stand Up For Ukraine” to raise funds and support during the humanitarian crisis.

“Fill the silence with your music. Fill it today to tell our story. Tell the truth about the war on your social media, on TV, support us in any way you can, but not the silence. So what peace will come to all our cities,” Zelensky said.

Following Zelensky’s message, John Legend performed his song Free with Ukrainian musicians Siuzanna Iglidan and Mika Newton, and poet Lyuba Yakimchuk, as images of the war were projected on screens behind them.