Yukon Premier Drinks Historic 100,000th Sour Foot Cocktail

They wanted Ryan Reynolds. They got Sandy Silver.

The premier of Yukon was chosen to drink the 100,000th sour-foot cocktail at the Downtown Hotel in his hometown of Dawson City.

The landmark event took place on Tuesday evening.

“It’s not my first [sourtoe cocktail] and it won’t be my last,” said Silver, who is also the area’s MPP.

He said he wasn’t often asked to fill in for Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds.

“But I’m always happy to oblige,” he said.

The sourtoe cocktail is a well-known tradition that was started by riverboat captain Dick Stephenson in 1973 when he and a few friends found a preserved toe in an abandoned cabin.

The cocktail is a glass of whiskey with a mummified toe.

“Once the toe touches your lips, you have officially joined the club and are awarded a certificate to commemorate the prestigious occasion,” read a statement from Northern Vision Development, owners of the hotel.

Reynolds had been invited to drink the 100,000th sourtoe cocktail with his Aviation Gin but the hotel received no response.

Over the years, people have donated toes to the hotel, including Stephenson, who bequeathed all of his toes when he died in 2019.

In fact, the hotel made sure it was one of the toes given to Stephenson that featured in the 100,000th cocktail party.