TallBoyz dominates the 4th night of the Canadian Screen Awards


The Absurd – and Absurdly Funny – series of comedy sketches TallBoyz picked up four respectable awards at the Canadian Screen Awards on Thursday, establishing itself on the Canadian television landscape just weeks after CBC aired its third season.

Meanwhile, the CTV medical drama Transplant swept the drama categories — and scripted program and performance awards in general — with five wins, including Best Supporting Actress in a Drama and Best Writing in a Drama Series.

The awards, which are administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television to celebrate excellence in film, television and digital media, have been running since Monday. The week-long affair will culminate on Sunday evening with a televised awards ceremony.

Earlier this week, nominees in the Broadcast News, Documentary, Sports, Digital & Immersive Media, Kids & Animation, and Lifestyle & Reality categories were recognized for their work.

Thursday’s event was a celebration of the small screen, as nominees were recognized for their work in the theater and comedy crafts and in the scripted program and performance categories.

The victories for TallBoyz Season 2 comes shortly after the show’s Season 3 finale aired last month. He was previously nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in 2020, when he competed for Best Writing in a Variety or Sketch Comedy Series.

The show follows a four-man comedy troupe (all tall, as the title suggests) as they get up to various hijinks around Toronto and skewer everything from canceling Trickster to the royal family.

WATCH | The trailer for season 2 of TallBoyz:

This year, TallBoyz won the top prize, winning Best Sketch Comedy Program or Series. Its main quartet – Guled Abdi, Vance Banzo, Tim Blair and Franco Nguyen – won for best performance in a sketch or variety series.

The ensemble also won Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy Series alongside Adam Bovoletis and Luc Mandl. And Bruce McCulloch won Best Direction for a Variety or Sketch Comedy Series for his work on the TallBoyz Season 2 premiere, “You’re the daddies now!”

win for Transplant, Kind of

Transplantwhich stars Hamza Haq, follows Bash Hamed, a Syrian Civil War refugee who moves to Canada and starts a new life as an emergency room resident at a Toronto hospital.

The series was ordered for a third season from CTV in February. It won Best Writing in a Drama Series for Joseph Kay’s Season 2 Finale Script “Free for What” and Best Picture Editing in a Drama for Annie Ilkow’s work on the episode “Contact.” . Pierre Gill won Best Cinematography in a Drama for the season premiere, “Guardrail.”

CTV’s Transplant won five awards: Best Writing in a Drama Series, Best Picture Editing in a Drama, Best Cinematography in a Drama, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, and Best Directing in a Fiction Cast . (CTV)

Actress Ayisha Issa won Best Actress in a Drama for her role as trauma surgeon June Curtis. And the show’s casting department – Andrea Kenyon, Randi Wells, Jason Knight and John Buchan – took home the award for Best Casting Achievement for Fiction.

In its inaugural season, CBC’s coming-of-age comedy Kind of won two awards. Co-creators Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo won Best Writing in a Comedy Series, while Jessica Carter and Steve Newburn accepted Best Direction in Makeup awards for the episode “Sort Of Back Again.”

WATCH | The trailer for the coming-of-age comedy-drama Kind of:

In addition to working behind the scenes, Baig stars on the show as Sabi Mehboob, a fluid millennial who straddles various identities as a bartender, babysitter for a dysfunctional family, and son of Pakistani immigrants. The show was renewed for a second season earlier this year.

For the third consecutive year, the Canadian Screen Awards will be presented virtually. A final ceremony will be broadcast on CBC-TV and CBC Gem on Sunday.

CBC winners in the Dramatic & Comedy Arts and Scripted Programs & Performances categories:

  • Best Guest Performance, Drama Series: Tamara Podemski, Coroner“Spirits”.
  • Best Supporting Actor, Comedy: Andrew Phung, Kim’s convenience.
  • Best stunt coordination: John Stead, Pretty tough cases“Jellibeans.”
  • Best Achievement in Makeup: Jessica Carter and Steve Newburn, Kind of“Sort of back.”
  • Best Writing, Comedy: Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo, Kind of“Sort of gone.”
  • Best comedy sketch show or series: TallBoyz (Bruce McCulloch, Susan Cavan, Paula J. Smith, Thea Gagliardi).
  • Best Performance, Comedy Sketch (Individual or Ensemble): TallBoyz (Guled Abdi, Vance Banzo, Tim Blair, Franco Nguyen).
  • Best Direction, Variety or Comedy Sketch: TallBoyz, “You are the dads now!” (Guled Abdi, Vance Barzo, Tim Blair, Franco Nguyen, Adam Bovoletis, Luc Mandl).
  • Best Writing, Variety or Sketch Comedy: TallBoyz, “You are the dads now!” (Guled Abdi, Vance Banzo, Tim Blair, Franco Nguyen, Adam Bovoletis, Luc Mandl).
  • Best Direction, Comedy: Aleysa Young, working moms“COMPARTMENT.”

Other notable wins in these categories:

  • Best Photo Editing, Comedy: Kyle Martin, Letterkenny“Sleepover.”
  • Best Cinematography, Comedy: Jim Westenbrik, Letterkenny“Sleepover.”
  • Best Supporting Actress, Comedy: Kaniehtiio Horn, Letterkenny.
  • Best Direction, Drama Series: Helen Shaver, vikings “All at sea.”
  • Best Guest Performance, Comedy: Michael Buble, Jann“No drama.”
  • Best Supporting Actor, Drama: Tim Rozon, Wynonna Earp.
  • Best Costume Design: Jennifer Haffenden, Wynonna Earp“Hell Raisin’ Good Time.”
  • Best TV Movie: I was Lorena Bobbitt (Jeff Vanderwal, Kim Bondo, Lorena Gallo, Sherri Rufh, Andy Streitfeld, Charles Tremayne).

For a complete list of winners, visit academy.ca.