Quebec comedian Philippe Bond walks away from ‘public life’ following sexual assault allegations

Quebec comedian and radio host Philippe Bond says he will retire from “public life”, after an article in La Presse reported a series of sexual assault allegations from eight women.

The French-language newspaper detailed the allegations in an investigation published early Thursday morning. CBC/Radio-Canada was unable to verify the allegations.

Shortly after the article was published, Bond posted a statement on his Instagram account. He said he was “devastated” by what he had read in the story and that he did not recognize himself in the accounts told by the story.

“Out of respect for my collaborators and my employers, with whom I have worked for years and because I want to save them from having to answer an avalanche of questions from journalists, I am withdrawing from everything, both from public life and from radio and live broadcasts,” Bond wrote.

He added that he was concerned about what he, his wife and children will face “because there is nothing more important to me than them”.

Bond’s website and Facebook page have been deactivated and scheduled performances at the Alphonse-Desjardins Theater in Repentigny have been cancelled. Bond co-hosted the popular radio show It’s still funny on Radio Énergie in Montreal.

Three performances of his show Thanks ! were also scheduled to take place before the end of the year, but the show’s promoter, Evenko, said Thursday afternoon that all of its performances were cancelled. Venues will contact ticket holders about refunds.

Bond graduated from the Montreal school national school of humor in 2002. He made his debut as a host at Radio Énergie in Hull. Since then, he has appeared in several comedy festivals in the province.

In May, Bond pleaded guilty to driving with a blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault reacted to La Presse reports on Thursday. He said he didn’t want to comment on Bond’s specific case, but called it disturbing.

“I invite all victims to come forward,” Legault said. “There’s no place for that [behaviour] in our company in 2022.”

The Prime Minister also highlighted the existence of the new Quebec court specializing in crimes involving victims of domestic and sexual violence, which aims to make the legal process easier and less intimidating for victims of such crimes.