2 Windsor, Ont., residents charged with mischief in Ambassador Bridge blockade

Police in Windsor, Ont., have charged two people who were allegedly the organizers of the convoy blockade at the Ambassador Bridge international border crossing more than five months ago.

“During the protest, the Windsor Police Service and partner police services worked together to identify the participants and the organizers/leaders involved,” a WPS statement said Thursday.

Nycole Dicredico, 42, and William Laframboise, 41, of Windsor, are both charged with mischief.

The police department said on Feb. 9, two vehicles entered the intersection of Huron Church Road and Tecumseh Road West near the Windsor-Detroit Bridge, blocking northbound traffic.

“This ultimately blocked traffic attempting to cross an international border,” police said in the statement.

According to the police, the two persons charged were the drivers of the two vehicles and were “leaders/organizers” of the demonstrations.

Access to the Ambassador Bridge was blocked on the evening of February 7 by truckers and others protesting public health mandates related to COVID-19.

A court injunction prohibiting anyone from blocking access to the bridge was granted on February 11. The blockade was lifted by the police on February 13.