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Americans NFT

New York, NY, July 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Americans NFT, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), now in the top 10 trends on OpenSea, are giving more internet disruption and while providing benefits to their NFT holders, and we are here to describe it all to our readers. In one of their most recent articles, they announced the latest feature called “NFT staking”, which allows NFT holders to earn passive income from their NFT payment in the native token $TheAmericans.

First, NFT Americans allow their holders to become part of an already rapidly growing community that is not only inspiring, but also very welcoming. In the last days of this project’s manhood, the community has already grown stronger and better with each passing day, reaching over 50,000 subscribers in just 4 days. The community motivates each other to raise awareness and has created tons of fan art to commemorate the collection.

NFT launched its native token and saw a 3000% surge on day 1, the creators plan to develop it further to support its own ecosystem and be listed on centralized exchanges in the future, which allows for global exposure to the project and the NFT collection.

If holders have 3 or more NFTs from the collection, they can claim their token airdrop. That is, a free allocation of the $TheAmericans token to holders. However, the benefits don’t end there, as a token holder, one would be part of the Senate DAO, which will be its own voting platform, which will be part of the future of this project and the orientation of future public services. As a Senator (holders of 3 or more NFTs), you will also receive a percentage of all revenue generated through the “Americans NFT Tax Collection”. Finally, NFT Americans will also enter the metaverse by creating their own state land, which will also be airdropped to the DAO senate, giving them access to state land, resources, and capital in their world.

This is just the gateway to all future collaborations and goals that The Americans NFT has in store for the future, with the company’s extensive experience and partnerships with leading platforms,

US NFT holders can rest assured that this is just the beginning of this collection, and new updates and benefits will be regularly communicated to their NFT holder community. Be sure to keep up to date! We’ll be sure to bring you all the highlights too.

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