Enernet Global Selected to Build, Own and Operate Hybrid Power Plant for Global Atomic’s Dasa Mine in Niger

Enernet Global

The company will complete preliminary engineering before building, owning and operating a hybrid power plant to offset 35% of carbon emissions

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, July 22. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enernet Global Inc. (“Enernet”), a leading independent hybrid power producer, has begun preliminary engineering of a hybrid power plant for the Dasa project currently under development. by Global Atomic Corporation (“GLO”). Once completed, Enernet will build, own, operate and maintain the hybrid power plant at the Dasa site in the Republic of Niger.

Early engineering work includes solution optimization, equipment selection, preliminary design and network connection configuration of the Sonichar network. This agreement allows the parties to engage in collaboration and adds certainty to GLO’s project budget and schedule. Enernet will complete preliminary engineering at the end of 2022, after which the construction phase of the plant is expected to begin.

Once in operation, the mine will require 12MW of constant power and Enernet will supply a hybrid power plant comprising 16MW solar, 15MW battery energy storage, a 16MW backup diesel generation plant and forward controls integrated into the network power supplied by the Sonichar Public Service belonging to the Nigerian government. The system will supply approximately 35% of energy needs from renewables, making Dasa one of the greenest operations in Africa, reducing 27,000 tonnes of CO2and per year.

Enernet is focused on decarbonizing global supply chains and will own and operate a hybrid power plant that meets GLO’s energy needs while maximizing renewable energy generation at no capital cost to GLO. The project will be carried out by Enernet’s Africa team, headquartered in Johannesburg. Enernet also has operations in Australia, the Caribbean and the Philippines and works in mining, commercial and industrial, island development and remote community projects.

Stephen Roman, Chairman and CEO of Global Atomic, said: “Our commitment to a cleaner, greener environment is absolute. At Project Dasa, the flagship of our uranium division, we will produce uranium for nuclear power generation and to help countries achieve their zero carbon goals. We are committed to developing Dasa as the largest and highest quality uranium producer in Africa and Enernet will help us become one of the mining industry leaders in low emissions. Enernet’s approach will help reduce our initial capital costs, support Niger by engaging its utility Sonichar as our main source of energy, introduce solar power as a legacy in the region, and use our own generators as a safeguard for the health and safety of our workers and to assure our investors that we will be able to operate continuously without interruption.

“We are honored to work with Global Atomic on this journey and welcome their commitment to a low carbon future. It will be one of the greenest operations in Sub-Saharan Africa,” said Paul Matthews, CEO of Enernet. “This is another important step for our Africa team to deliver sustainable and renewable projects and achieve our vision of decarbonizing supply chains around the world.”

Matthew Silvester, Enernet’s Development Director for Africa, added: “We are delighted to commence engineering work, with a start-up generation expected in 2022 and delivery of the hybrid power plant in 2023. This marks a another major step towards green generation as the norm. in Africa and brings benefits to the customer, local community and shareholders.

About Enernet Global Inc.
Enernet Global is a distributed energy service provider that finances, builds, owns and operates microgrids and drives the adoption of renewable energy, battery storage and energy efficiency solutions that displace CO2 emissions. Built on the company’s proprietary software platform, Enernet Global’s Energy-as-a-Service offering benefits on- and off-grid customers by providing cheaper, more resilient power solutions with no capital outlay. for the customers.

Enernet has a presence in Australia, the Philippines, the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa, where it focuses on energy solutions for sectors such as island development, mining, trade and industry, remote communities, agriculture, utilities and hospitality.

About Global Atomic
World Atomic Society (www.globalatomiccorp.com) is a publicly traded company (“Global Atomic” or the “Company”; TSX: GLO; Frankfurt: G12; OTCQX: GLATF) that offers a unique combination of high-grade uranium mine development and cost-effective production of zinc concentrate.

The company’s Uranium division comprises four deposits, the flagship project being the large, high-grade Dasa project, discovered in 2010 by Global Atomic geologists through field exploration. With the issuance of the Dasa mining permit and an environmental compliance certificate by the Republic of Niger, the Dasa project is fully licensed for commercial production. The Phase 1 Feasibility Study for Dasa was filed in December 2021 and estimates that production from Yellowcake will begin by the end of 2024. Excavation of the mine began in the first quarter of 2022.

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