Vote Bill Jenkin for the Benton County Commission and other Herald letters to the editor

Jenkin best for Benton County

This is a letter to explain why I am voting for Bill Jenkin to be our next Benton County Commissioner. I have known and worked with Bill in our community for many years. He proved to be honest and sincere in his passion for helping others. Proof of that is his many accomplishments here in Prosser as well as in the region and state. He has served on our Washington House of Representatives, chairman of the Prosser School Board, district governor of Rotary, and numerous other state and regional boards and committees.

He succeeded at every effort. He uses common sense and does it to help others, not himself. While in the House of Representatives, he was elevated to the leadership team and a ranking member of the Community Development Committee. He was able to contribute capital budget funds to the Friends of Badger Mountain for their trail system and renovation dollars for the Benton County Museum.

He also started the Rotary 3rd grade dictionary program and participated in the “Kids Caught Being Good” program in our schools. Bill is the most qualified and has the contacts and regional experience to best serve us. That’s why I vote for him.

Virginia Bradbury, Prosser

Politicians take the wrong direction

Many in our country are tired of politicians spending time and money fighting the same people who, like them, promise to love America and serve its people. Instead, they tear it down piece by piece every day, with reckless decisions. We are corrupt from top to bottom and rotten from within.

I pray that God will cause every American leader to take stock of their lives to see if they are serving our nation or their own agenda. Our country has been greatly blessed, and it is beyond ingratitude to the God who has given us so much beauty and generosity to turn our backs on Him. Seeking his wisdom for the mess we made is our only hope.

Gayle Rowett, Pasco

The city council is not a place of prayer

Prayer is the right of every individual in the United States, but it does NOT belong to federal/state/municipal governing bodies.

What happened to the separation of church and state? There was serious rational thought involved in keeping personal religious beliefs out of government arenas.

It goes without saying that if one religion is represented, then all religions must be represented. Imagine how long a prayer would take in every religion? Perhaps a blood sacrifice should also start every meeting? A short voodoo dance? Don’t open that Pandora’s box in our town.

I have no program against Mr. Trumbo and I don’t even know the man. All I know is that he has the right to pray freely, alone, before Kennnewick town council meetings. He will not be allowed to force his own religious beliefs using his elected public position.

We need to stay focused to be effective and not be distracted by personal agendas. Let’s take care of Kennewick’s business!

Lauri Cousineau, Kennewick

Start at the Idaho Dam to Save the Salmon

Before action is taken to remove any dams on the Snake River, I urge that Idaho be forced to tear down the Dworshak Dam, which allows no fish passage. Then Washington must be required to clean up all of Puget Sound. These steps will improve the lifespan, health and numbers of salmon, killer whales and other endangered wildlife on the Washington Coast. The removal of the Snake River dams will cause extreme congestion on the roads and rails in and around the Tri-Cities of freight transportation, and where the billions of dollars for the removal of the dams and the loss of the agriculture ?

Stephanie Janicek, West Richland