Shirley Ballas compares her romance novel to ‘Fifty Shades’

Shirley Ballas has been hard at work on a pair of steamy romance novels. (Getty)

Come dance strictly Judge Shirley Ballas pledged to donate Fifty shades of Grey author EL James gets his money’s worth with his naughty new romance novel.

Ballas told the daily star she channels her love for steamy fiction into the two novels she’s writing under a deal with HarperCollins’ subsidiary headquarters.

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The first of two upcoming books by the 61-year-old, titled Murder on the dance floorshould be out next year.

“I’ve always enjoyed a bit of Mills and Boon. And I like to write. I have a very vivid imagination,” the ballroom dancer said.

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She added, “So my novels will be about sex and intrigue and lies. They might be a little bit Fifty shades of Grey. In fact, they could be Sixty Shades Of Gray by the time I’m done.

“I think moms will love them. When you read them, you can go back to being yourself and enjoy them.”

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Ballas said her books would be “amazing reads” and also teased that she would include real stories from the world of celebrities in her books, but wouldn’t name names.

“I don’t know if people will notice that I’m writing about them. Maybe they will,” she said.

Shirley Ballas and actor Danny Taylor have been dating since 2019. (WireImage)

Shirley Ballas and actor Danny Taylor have been dating since 2019. (WireImage)

Ballas, who will return to Come dance strictly jury this year spoke openly about the importance of continuing to feel sexy as she enters her 60s.

Speaking in September, she said she maintained a healthy sex life with partner Danny Taylor and enjoyed “Horlicks and sex” before bed.

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Ballas added, “It’s always important to me to feel sexy. I think every woman wants to feel that way. Everyone wants to have that sensual appeal and I don’t think you’ll ever lose it.”

Based on her recent comments, it looks like the star’s upcoming foray into the literary world will fully embrace that ethos as well.

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