Russian opposition figure arrested after returning to Moscow

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian authorities on Monday arrested a liberal politician who recently returned to Moscow from abroad, the latest move in a relentless crackdown on dissent as part of Moscow’s military action in Ukraine.

Leonid Gozman was arrested after the Interior Ministry issued an arrest warrant for him while investigating a criminal case against him.

Gozman was charged with violating the law that requires Russian citizens to notify authorities of a foreign citizenship or residence permit. If found guilty, Gozman could face a fine or community service.

Gozman notified authorities of his Israeli citizenship, but authorities claimed he did not do so within the required time frame.

Gozman, a vocal critic of the Kremlin’s campaign in Ukraine, left Russia early on but returned in June in what he described as a “moral” choice.

Russia’s Justice Ministry has listed him as a “foreign agent,” a description that carries strong derogatory meaning and implies additional government scrutiny.

Gozman’s lawyer, Mikhail Biryukov, said the politician was arrested on the Moscow metro and taken to a police station.