Stellantis offers retirement incentives to workers at Windsor and Brampton plants

Stellantis is offering a ‘retirement incentive package’ to employees at its Ontario assembly plants in Windsor and Brampton ahead of a multi-billion dollar shift to electric vehicle production, but the automaker isn’t commenting how badly it plans to downsize.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company formerly known as Fiat Chrysler said the incentives were for eligible employees and would lead to “downsizing” over the next two months.

The company also said it was “firmly committed to the future of its Canadian operations” and referenced its plan to invest $3.6 billion in plants in Brampton and Windsor.

“As we transition to a sustainable mobility technology company, we continue to review our operations for greater efficiency,” a company spokesperson said.

The company has also promised to return Windsor to a three-shift operation. Stellantis eliminated this shift in 2020 and, prior to new investments announced this year, had planned to eliminate the second shift as well.

Stellantis said it would seek to place laid-off employees in any new full-time positions created by retirements.

The company declined a request for an interview.

CBC News has also contacted Unifor Local 444, the union representing Windsor autoworkers, for comment.