The cat relaxes during the Blissful hairbrush

An Arkansas cat owner groomed one of them five felines to a miniature grooming session at her Little Rock home, video shows recently shared.

Mauren Kennedy has captured footage of her rescued tortoiseshell cat, Gremlin, in a blissful state as she combs the top of her head with a brush.

Speaking to Storyful, Kennedy said she rescued nine-year-old Gremlin from a Walgreens parking lot when she was just a very small kitten.

“Gremlin was born with a deformed jaw and therefore always has her tongue sticking out! The vets think it was because she was probably inbred,” she said.

“I’ve had this brush for a while, so I knew Gremlin liked it, but I decided to record that day, and the results were lovely.” Credit: Mauren Kennedy via Storyful