He was shot in the stomach at a Florida Keys home – and arrested after leaving hospital

A family dispute in June left a Florida Keys man in hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. But the person who shot the .22 caliber handgun inside the Lower Keys home – the injured man’s 25-year-old stepson – has not been charged with a crime.

All along, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said it looked like self-defense.

On Tuesday, the sheriff’s office arrested William T. Zimmerman, 53, who was shot in the abdomen.

Zimmerman was arrested after being released from Miami-Dade Hospital where he was taken by the Monroe County Trauma Star helicopter on June 26. from Coconut Highway on Big Pine Key.

Zimmerman, who is listed as disabled and lives on the streets of Big Pine on his criminal record, was incarcerated in Stock Island County Jail and given $75,000 bond. He is due in court on August 4.

His records do not show he found legal representation on Wednesday.

The shooter has not been identified

After the shooting, the Keys Sheriff’s Office declined to release the names of those involved, citing it as a domestic violence case still under investigation. On Wednesday, they announced Zimmerman’s arrest, naming him for the first time, but still haven’t identified the stepson.

Emails sent Wednesday to the Sheriff’s Records Clerk and the Sheriff’s Office spokesperson requesting the information were not immediately returned. The incident report that FLKeysNews.com/Miami Herald requested after the shooting was not made available.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office released a 911 call history report on June 28. According to the report, the stepson called 911 at 7:28 p.m., claiming that his stepfather had attacked his mother.

Dispatchers described the call as “domestic in progress” and soon heard the sound of “possible gunshots”, a woman screaming and a loud banging.

“You attacked my mum, you should have stayed away,” the caller said as his mum screamed.

The son-in-law began first aid to his father-in-law.

“I didn’t want that to happen,” he said, according to dispatchers.

A death threat

The two men told deputies different stories.

The stepson said he shot Zimmerman to defend himself and his mother. Zimmerman had often threatened to kill the mother and son, as well as law enforcement, and possessed firearms, the stepson said.

Zimmerman told deputies he was shot without warning. Then, using profanity, he said he was going to kill his stepson once he left the hospital, according to Monroe Sheriff’s spokesman Adam Linhardt.

The mother supported her son’s version of events.

She was also injured from apparent beatings, saying her husband regularly hit her and threatened to kill her and her son. She was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West for treatment the night of the shooting.