British father and son found dead after suspected apartment poisoning

Rafiqul Islam, in his 50s, and his son Michael Islam, 16, were found unconscious in a rented apartment in the Osmani Nagar neighborhood of Sylhet. (Reach)

A British father and son have been found dead after suspected poisoning in a rented flat in Bangladesh.

Taxi driver Rafiqul Islam, 50, and his son Michael Islam, 16, from Cardiff, were discovered unconscious in the Osmani Nagar area of ​​Sylhet on Tuesday afternoon, local police said.

Rafiqul’s wife, Hosne Ara Islam, 40, their daughter Samira Islam, 19, and son Sadikul Islam, 21, were also found unconscious at the Tajpur property.

They are currently undergoing treatment at MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital in Sylhet, and one of the surviving children is believed to be in critical condition.

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Indian policeman near police baton and uniform, Indian policeman (CRPF) with bamboo baton patrols, selective focus, hand in hand view of police man

The police think it could be a case of poisoning and are investigating. (Getty)

Sylhet District Police Superintendent Farid Uddin said: “After discussing the general situation with doctors and inspecting the scene, we believe it may be a case of poisoning.

“The investigation is ongoing to find out if it is poisoning or something else.”

He also confirmed that relatives of the family lived in the same building.

Speaking to local media on Tuesday, he said: ‘The other people in the building are close relatives of the victims. We interviewed them.

“At the moment we think they fell asleep after dinner last night. This needs to be investigated further. How were they poisoned? How did they die? We can confirm after investigation.

Police confirmed the family arrived in Bangladesh on July 12 and moved into the apartment where they were found on July 18.

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After dinner on Monday, police said the family fell asleep in the same room.

Between 10 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, their relatives tried to open the apartment door.

They called the police when they heard no noise inside.

Police found the door locked, forced it open, and retrieved the five unconscious victims inside.

A neighbor of the family in Riverside, Cardiff, said: ‘We have lived near them for over 25 years. It’s a quiet family that does its own thing. I couldn’t believe it, I got so many phone calls. They were just a nice, neat family. They’ve been gone for a few weeks. »

A second neighbor added: “I’m also a taxi driver and I’ve known them for about 20 years. I know [Rofikul] – he’s a really good guy. I discovered it on social networks. We just thought they were going on holiday to Bangladesh.”

Riverside Labor Councilor Kanaya Singh said: “This is clearly a disturbing and tragic event. Everyone I have spoken to in the community speaks very highly of the family and our thoughts are with them.

“There is also a lot of concern as many residents of Riverside regularly travel to Bangladesh. I hope the authorities can shed light on this matter as soon as possible.”