Five people have been charged in a weekend shooting outside a bowling alley in Windsor, Ontario., Several people were injured

Five people have been charged after a shooting outside a bowling alley in the Eastern District of Windsor, Ontario, injured five people over the weekend., Police said on Tuesday.
Joshua fryer, 21, from LaSalle, Andrew meloche, 19, from Windsor, and an unnamed minor face five counts of attempted murder.
The other two, both 21 years old, have been charged with subsequent accomplices – attempted murder.
Windsor police station. Jason Crowley announced the allegations at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. He said that for “investigation purposes”, the police did not disclose which of the three defendants they believed shot.
“The investigation is continuing and it is worrying that the gun has not yet been found,” Crowley said.
Police are still looking for a suspect who is believed to be armed and dangerous.
Investigators are still investigating the shooting, but believe it was triggered by a quarrel in the Super Bowl bowling alley.
Crowley said the injured were young people, probably in their 20s. He said some of them did not cooperate with investigators.
He said there was no indication that the shooting was gang related.
Police said the incident began around 1 a.m. Eastern time on Saturday, when someone shot at about 20 to 25 people in a fight outside the bowling alley. They initially said they were looking for a suspect.
The five people were taken to hospital, but their lives were not in danger, but they were released.
The acting chief of Windsor police, Jason Beral, said earlier Tuesday that several suspects believed to have been involved in the city’s forest clearing incident were arrested at night and one suspect was arrested earlier Monday.
On Monday, police said they were looking for three suspects believed to be armed and dangerous. Police confirmed on Tuesday that two of the suspects had been arrested and are still searching for a third suspect.
Members of the glade community shared their shock and unease about the violence with CBC News.
Ward 7. Givin Gill said many residents are worried about the rise in gun violence in the region. Greg Lemai is a community advocate and a former parliamentary candidate. He said he was leading a campaign to promote more neighborhood watch patrols – building on eight teams already active in the forest and swamps.
“I mean, to a large extent, this behavior is unpredictable,” Beral said. “You know, it’s not common for us to think that someone would pull out a gun and start shooting in such an area.”
According to public data released by the Windsor police department, at least 13 incidents involving offensive weapons occurred between the forest clearing and the nearby tecuseh Road East and lazon Parkway on Monday and April 1, 2021.

But Beller said he didn’t think the city, especially the forest swamps, was becoming more dangerous.
“The glade is a very safe community. Their crime rate is actually very low,” he said. “They have had several high-profile incidents of violence, which actually unite the communities there to speak. That’s what they should do. You know, you shouldn’t be indifferent to such crimes.”

Bellelle said that Windsor police have deployed more police in the community to give residents a sense of security. He said the police were working with Jill to ensure that the police could talk to the public at any time.

U.S. firearms in Canada a problem: acting chief

According to Windsor, a total of 251 offensive weapons incidents occurred around last year. These data do not specify the types of weapons used.
Beral said the slow rise in the number of gun related incidents is not a new problem.
“In most cases, these guns are manufactured or distributed in the United States and then enter Canada at some point, whether smuggled, stolen or illegally sold,” Bellaire said He added that some guns registered in Canada eventually entered the illegal gun market.
“But in general, U.S. gun supplies enter Canada through criminal activities and networks in Canada and the United States.”