The family of Jean Marc Vallée, director of Quebec province, said he died of natural causes

The family of Jean Marc Vall é e, a famous Canadian director and producer, said his sudden death at Christmas was a natural cause.
In a statement released today, his family said the coroner concluded that Valle died of “fatal arrhythmia secondary to severe coronary atherosclerosis”
Jean Marc Valle, director of big lies at the Dallas buyers club in Quebec, has died at the age of 58
Film industry mourns Quebec director Jean Marc Valle
They said the discovery was in the coroner’s final report that Wally’s death was outside his cabin at the end of the 2021 Christmas holiday weekend in Quebec City. He is 58 years old.
After the great success of c.r.a.z.y., Wally directed a series of high-profile films and series, and won an Emmy for directing HBO hit “big lie”. In 2013, his play Dallas buyer’s club won several Oscar nominations.
Born in Montreal, Valle studied film production at ahencic college and the University of Quebec at Montreux.
In a statement released late Wednesday, Valle’s sons Alex and Emil Valle said people were still contacting their filmmaker father’s influence.
“Proof of friendship, respect and respect for our father and his work still comes from all over the world,” they said.
“We sincerely thank him and we hope that his creativity will continue to inspire and guide people in the industry he loves.”
The statement said that the sons and their mothers will soon announce the details of the commemoration to commemorate Valle’s life and craft.