Cuba Gooding, Jr. admitted that he had forcibly touched a woman in a nightclub to avoid prison

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. admitted on Wednesday to forcibly touching a woman at a nightclub in New York in 2018.
Nearly three years before pleading guilty, Gooding was arrested in the case. The case was delayed several times as his lawyer sought to reduce or dismiss the charges.
Gooding, 54, pleaded guilty to only one of the charges of assaulting three different women in Manhattan nightclubs in 2018 and 2019.
He told the judge that he “kissed the waitress’s lips” without consent at Lavo New York nightclub.
Gooding’s plea agreement does not require imprisonment. If he continues to receive six months of counseling, he can withdraw his plea of misdemeanor and plead guilty to a lesser act of harassment.
In june2019, a 29 year old woman told the police that after he milked without her consent in the “magic moment” rooftop bar and lounge near Times Square, the Oscar winner Jerry Maguire was arrested.

Still faces civil suit over rape allegation

A few months later, as more women came forward to accuse him of abuse, he was charged with two more cases. The new charges allege that he pinched a waitress’s ass after saying a sexually suggestive word to her in downtown Tao and improperly forcibly touched a woman at Lavo nightclub. Both cases occurred in 2018.
Gooding previously pleaded not guilty to six misdemeanor charges and denied all misconduct charges. His lawyer argued that overzealous prosecutors attracted by the enthusiasm of the #metoo movement were trying to turn “mediocre gestures” or misunderstandings into crimes.
The judge ruled that if the Guding case had been heard, the prosecutor could have summoned two more women to testify on their allegations that Guding also violated them. The women’s charges did not lead to criminal charges. They were one of the 19 other plaintiffs the prosecutor tried to summon.
In addition to the criminal case, Gooding was also charged with raping a woman in New York City in 2013. Since Gooding did not respond to the lawsuit, a judge ruled in absentia in July. After that, the actor hired a lawyer and is fighting the charges.