Canadian soldiers set out to help the humanitarian crisis in Europe

Dozens of Canadian soldiers boarded the plane to Poland on Friday. Their commander said it would be a difficult and satisfactory task to help Ukrainians escape Russian aggression.
About 80 soldiers from Edmonton and 20 others from Trenton, Ontario., “We will provide humanitarian assistance in reception centers throughout Poland,” said major Ryan Pridmore, commander of the Canadian light infantry company of Princess Patricia’s Third Battalion.
They and a Canadian medical team will support the Polish territorial defense force on a two-month mission.
“Our soldiers are very happy to be able to deploy,” he said. “That’s the purpose of our training. That’s why we do this job. Our soldiers are ready to enter there and start helping change.”
Pridmore said he expected the soldiers to go straight to work once the boots landed.
“We have priests to provide spiritual guidance, and we have some mental health professionals when refugees arrive at the shelter,” Pridmore said Pridmore has served in Afghanistan and Kuwait.
He added that some other soldiers had linguistic backgrounds.
He said that Canada is ready to send about 50 more soldiers to help care for, coordinate and resettle Ukrainian refugees in Poland.
“We do have a team there and they are preparing for our work, so we won’t act blindly, but once we start working, it will be a quick start.”
On Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Christia Freeland said in Calgary that, as US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, it is appropriate to declare the Russian occupation genocide because thousands of Ukrainians have been killed and brutally treated.

Freeland pointed out that a “creepy document” published on a Russian website 10 days ago effectively proposed a plan for genocide in Ukraine, which called for suffering and punishment for those who mistakenly and mistakenly described themselves as Ukrainians in the document
“This requires the deletion of the word Ukraine,” said Freeland, who is also Canada’s finance minister.
The soldiers will also work with the Canadian Department of immigration, refugees and citizenship to “act as a liaison with the Polish armed forces… To provide temporary accommodation for Ukrainians who want to work and study in Canada,” the Ministry of Defense said in a press release
On Friday, some soldiers in Edmonton joked about their nerves, while others slept in the airport lounge before boarding.
Lieutenant Kevin Moffat, a public affairs officer of the Canadian Armed Forces, said: “I have participated in several missions before, where I saw people going abroad. This time it was a close blow to many people, because some people in the task force do have Ukrainian traditions.”.
“I am glad to see that their morale is unusually high. According to my observation, I think the working group will be very effective in Poland.”
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