There were three mass shootings in the United States over the Easter weekend

Authorities in South Carolina are investigating a shooting incident at a nightclub early Sunday morning that injured at least nine people. This is the second mass shooting in the state and the third mass shooting in the United States on Easter weekend.
The shooting in South Carolina and a shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania also injured at least 31 people. Two minors were killed in the shooting earlier Sunday.
South Carolina law enforcement is investigating the shooting at the Carla lounge in Hampton county. The agency said in an email that no deaths had been reported. There is no information on the severity of the injury.
Hampton county is located about 130 kilometers west of Charleston. The nightclub’s phone was unanswered.
Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, two minors were killed and at least eight injured in a shooting incident at a party held at a short-term rental property. New York City Police Chief Scott Schubert told reporters that the “vast majority” of the hundreds of people attending the party were minors.
Colombian police chief W.H. (skip) Holbrook said Saturday that the two shootings on Sunday occurred a day after the shooting in a busy shopping center in Colombia, the capital of South Carolina. Colombian police chief W.H. (skip) Holbrook said Saturday that nine people were shot and five were injured while trying to escape the scene of the Colombian center. The victims ranged in age from 15 to 73.
So far, the only person arrested in the mall shooting is 22-year-old jawayne M. price, one of three people initially detained by law enforcement as a stakeholder. Price’s lawyer Todd Rutherford told the news media on Sunday that price shot at the mall, but it was in self-defense.
Rutherford said he faced charges of illegally carrying a pistol because he did not have a permit to carry weapons.
Colombian police said on twitter that the judge agreed on Sunday to let price leave prison with a deposit of $25000. Police said he would be under house arrest and equipped with an ankle monitor.
According to wmbf-tv, a local NBC affiliate, Rutherford said: “it was for no reason. He called the police, surrendered himself, handed over the gun used in the incident and issued a statement to the Colombian police department.”. “That’s why he got $25000 in bonds.”
Police said the judge would allow price to travel from home to work at a specific time of day. Price was barred from contacting the victims and anyone involved in the shooting.
South Carolina residents aged 21 or older can obtain a weapons license, which allows them to carry weapons openly or secretly since last year. They must undergo eight hours of gun training and pass background checks, including fingerprint identification. Rutherford said price legally owned his gun, even though he didn’t have a gun license.
In addition to other shootings in recent days, there were three mass shootings over the Easter weekend. Last week, a gunman opened fire in a subway car in New York City, injuring 10 people. The next day, a suspect was arrested.
Earlier this month, police said that in Sacramento, California, six people were killed and 12 injured in a gun battle between rival gangs due to the closure of a bar in a busy area near the downtown house of Commons shopping center and the State Capitol.
Authorities say a week ago, a man and a woman were killed and 10 injured in a shooting incident at a crowded nightclub in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Police said that in March this year, 10 people were shot dead at a spring break party in Dallas, and several others were injured while trying to escape the gunfire.