Arcade Fire will appear for the fifth time on Saturday Night Live

The Arcade Fire broadcast live on Saturday night will last for five days.
The Montreal rock band has been announced as a musical guest hosted by actor Benedict Cumberbatch on May 7.
This is the fifth time they have performed in their own name on the show, and if you count the accompaniment band of Mick Jagger in 2012, this is also the sixth time. That night, they played this role with foo fighters.
This makes them one of the elite groups of music guests who have appeared on the stage at least five times. Others include Miley Cyrus, James Taylor, Kanye West, Rihanna, Tom Patty and heartbreaker.
Fellow Canadian Neil Young has appeared in the play four times, while Paul Simon has played 14 shocking musical guests in his career.
Arcade Fire is preparing to release their new album “we”, which will be released the day before SNL’s debut.
The band also recently announced that they will change foo boxers at the osheaga Music Festival in Montreal on July 29.