Ottawa will maintain the mask requirements for travelers after the United States cancels the regulations

Transport minister Omar alghabra did not say that his government plans to remove the shelter requirements for Canadian air and train passengers in the near future.
“We often consult our experts and whenever the advice we receive changes due to environmental changes, we will change our regulation,” he said on Tuesday. “But now, that’s the case.”
Earlier, a federal judge in Florida rejected the Biden administration’s request that passengers wear masks on planes and public transport.
U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball mizelle said in her ruling that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) failed to justify the authorization of masks and did not follow appropriate regulatory procedures.
On Monday night, the transportation security administration said it would no longer enforce masking requirements. Airlines and airports across the United States quickly began to eliminate passenger masking requirements.
When asked by reporters in Calgary, Algabra declined to comment on the US decision, but said the Canadian government’s decision was based on science and data.
“Masks have proven to provide additional protection, and we will continue to follow the advice of public health experts,” he said.
“I don’t like these regulations. I only know that they are to protect everyone’s health and safety.”
At a press conference later in the day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about the government’s cover up request,. He basically echoed the comments of the Minister of transport.
“People want to stay safe, but they also want to go back to what they love. The best way to do this is to rely on what science tells us, what experts tell us, and make sure we move forward in the right way,” he said.
The federal government requires passengers to be vaccinated before boarding domestic or international flights from most airports in Canada. It also requires passengers to wear masks at airports and railway terminals, as well as on planes and trains.
A Canadian official spoke backstage because they were not authorized to speak on the record. He said the government communicated with airlines on Monday night that Canada’s mask requirements were still applicable.

Tam recommends mask use despite some provinces dropping mandates

Although some provinces have abolished the requirements for masks, Dr. Tan Lijun, Canada’s chief public health officer, advised Canadians to continue to use masks in indoor environments.
“We are seeing this recovery, whether you call it the sixth wave or how many waves there are in your local jurisdiction,” she said at a briefing last week.
“Whether local or non local…”
The CDC recently extended its mask authorization until May 3 to allow more time to study ba. The mask authorization will expire on Monday. 2. Omicron subtype of coronavirus, which currently causes the vast majority of cases in the United States.
“This is clearly a disappointing decision,” White House press secretary Jan pusaki said Monday of the Florida court case. “The CDC recommends wearing masks on public transport.”