Actor Ezra Miller was arrested again in Hawaii

Ezra Miller was arrested in connection with Tuesday’s attack, the second time in recent weeks that the actor known for playing flash in Justice League and other films has been arrested in Hawaii.
Miller became angry after being asked to leave a party at his home on a large island and threw a chair and hit a woman on the forehead, according to a press release from the Hawaiian police department.
Police said the woman refused treatment for a half inch wound on her forehead.
Miller, described by police as a 29 year old tourist from Vermont, was arrested during a traffic jam and released before further investigation.
It was unclear how Miller’s arrest had affected the arraignment for his arrest at a karaoke bar on the big island scheduled for late Tuesday. Police said Miller grabbed the microphone from a singing woman and rushed at a man playing darts. Miller was charged with harassing and disturbing law and order.
Hawaiian assistant police chief Kenneth quijo said Miller was annoyed by singing Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper ballad shallow.
Miller also plans to be arraigned in another traffic case on Tuesday. Quiocho said that in a dispute in downtown Hilo last month, Miller refused to cooperate, refused to leave the area and blocked the sidewalk. The police received a report.
Miller’s lawyer in Hawaii did not immediately respond to comments on the latest arrest. Another lawyer and a representative of Miller did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Lawyer Francis Alcain asked for an early court hearing scheduled for Tuesday next week. Alcain said in court documents submitted to his clients that “there are various time sensitive work obligations in California and / or New York” and that an early hearing is needed “to resolve this issue”
The day after Miller was released on $500 bail for his arrest at a karaoke bar, a large island couple filed a petition for a temporary restraining order, claiming that the actor broke into their bedroom and threatened them. Last week, the judge dismissed the case after the couple’s lawyers filed a request.
William Dean, the couple’s lawyer, declined to say why his client no longer wanted to apply for a restraining order against Miller.
Miller also played a key role in Harry Potter’s third book, the magical beast: Dumbledore’s secret.