‘First lady of blues’ Salome Bay won the honor of Canada Post Stamps

Salome bey’s daughter said the late blues legend received the star treatment she deserved as the cover of a new Canada Post Stamp.
Sartre and her sister Tuku attended a commemorative stamp issuing ceremony in Toronto on Thursday to commemorate Bay’s contribution to Canadian music and drama.
The singer, songwriter, composer and actress is known as Canada’s “first lady of blues”. As an actress and defender of young black artists, she is remembered for her powerful voice.
Sartre said the stamp depicts Bei’s hair woven into a dramatic top knot, capturing her mother’s “statue like” and “Royal” images.
She said that on Thursday, the bey family will re release their own 1970 solo album on the digital platform as a musical supplement to the tribute to the post.
Sartre said she hopes the commemoration will provide an opportunity for bey’s new and old fans to rediscover her works and give due recognition to her pioneering talent and leadership.