Crown group proposes to build a larger building at 24 Sussex to replace the prime minister’s residence

A new report from crown, which is responsible for government construction in Ottawa, said that 24 Sussex Avenue, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Canada, was not suitable as the residence of major world leaders and should be replaced.
The report of the National Capital Commission outlines many requirements for the new residence, which may be larger than the 24 seats in Sussex and better able to receive senior visitors and dignitaries.
“Most G7 and Commonwealth leaders receive official visitors in space dedicated to these purposes. Canada currently lacks such facilities,” the report said.
Sussex 24 house “has very limited capacity to support official functions, inconvenient transportation, insufficient room size and lack of support space.”
According to the report, due to the lack of special reception space for diplomatic visits and government activities, the federal government had to adopt “temporary” methods, including renting space, which posed logistical and security challenges.
CBC News obtained the NCC report through the request for information. The Toronto Star first reported the existence of the document.

NCC said that the document will serve as a guide for the planning and design of future official residence, and the project has not been officially launched.
Future research may explore issues related to building location and design.
The Sussex 24 house costs $36.6 million to repair. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have never used the property, but chose to live mainly in the nearby Lido villa.
NCC’s report shows that “due to the long-term shortage of funds for many years, the overall situation of the official residence continues to deteriorate,” NCC spokesman Dominic hulas told CBC News.
Although the report does not include a specific architectural plan for the future official residence, it does list the size of a building that can be used as both the residence of the prime minister and the place of official activities.
The proposed residential area will exceed 15000 square feet. It will include a 5352 square foot reception area that can accommodate up to 125 people.
The residential portion of the proposed building will cover 4689 square feet.
These dimensions will make the house larger and more practical than 24 Sussex Avenue, the report said. 24 Sussex Avenue was built in 1868 and renovated into the prime minister’s residence in 1950.
In contrast, the white house covers an area of 56000 square feet. The British Prime Minister’s residence covers an area of 71400 square feet.