Flood warning issued for Red River Valley from Emerson to floodway entrance south of Winnipeg

Manitoba has issued a flood warning for the province’s Red River Valley, from the southern community of Emerson near the US border to the entrance to the Red River Floodway just south of Winnipeg.

The province’s hydrological forecast center announced the warning in a press release on Sunday afternoon.

A surface flood warning is still in place for parts of southern Manitoba as announced Saturday.

A high water advisory has also been issued for the Whiteshell Lakes region, the province said, as levels on most lakes continue to rise due to rain and snowmelt this weekend. -end.

The southern Manitoba basins – and the US portions of the Red, Souris, Pembina and Roseau river basins – have received an average of 60 millimeters of precipitation since Friday. Another 10 millimeters are expected on Sunday, which could fall as snow in some areas, the province said.

Farmland in the Rural Municipality of Morris is under water as flood waters rise in parts of the province. (Radio Canada)

Manitobans should stay away from waterways, including creeks, creeks, rivers and the floodway, as high flows, debris and cold temperatures all pose a significant safety risk, according to the press release.

Water levels in most tributaries in the Red River Basin and along the mainstem of the river are rising rapidly in response to recent precipitation. They are expected to continue to rise over the next few days, the province said.

Southwest of Winnipeg, some are already seeing significant overland flooding. The Rural Municipality of Stanley said in an update that people who need sandbags can pick them up at the public works workshop on Route 25W, which for now will be open 24 hours a day.

The RM of Morris Warden says flooding was not too much of a concern until the storm this weekend. The rain keeps falling.

Fifteen roads in the municipality are closed due to flooding, explains Ralph Groening.

“We are fighting. We are doing everything we can to protect our citizens, to keep our communities safe, to make sure the water and wastewater system, our infrastructure is safe, but this has been a serious challenge for us,” he said.

Herp Lamba put sandbags in his yard to prevent floodwaters from getting too close to his house. He hasn’t experienced a flood this severe since he moved to East St. Paul, Man., 7 years ago. (CSR)

Just northeast of Winnipeg, residents of East St. Paul are also struggling with flooding.

Herp Lamba moved to the area seven years ago and says flooding hasn’t been a problem until recently.

“Even when we knew the rain and snow were coming, we didn’t plan that we would have to buy sandbags and sandbags in our backyards and that our backyard would be so high underwater. “, did he declare.

Snow and rain warnings

Other weather alerts are also in effect, with snowfall and rain warnings declared in southern and central parts of the province. All details are available on the Environment Canada website.

A winter storm warning was also in effect for parts of the province as heavy snowfall accompanied by blowing snow continues in those areas. The alert was lifted in the early afternoon.

A snowfall warning is in effect for other parts of Manitoba, with 10 to 20 centimeters expected. This snowfall is also expected to decrease in the Interlake areas Sunday morning, followed by the afternoon in areas east of Lake Manitoba.

Vehicles drive through a large puddle on Highway 90 in Winnipeg on Saturday. The city is still under a rain warning since Sunday. (Walther Bernal/CBC)

Northerly winds gusting to 70 or 80 km/h are expected with this snow, which could lead to reduced visibility with blowing snow in open areas of the Interlake region Sunday morning, Environment Canada said. .

Finally, rain warnings are in place for several parts of the province, although the amount of rain forecast varies by region.

In southern Manitoba, including Winnipeg, a total of 30 to 60 millimeters of rain is expected this weekend.

Rain accompanied by isolated thunderstorms will continue Sunday morning, but an increasingly strong wind from the north will lower temperatures and turn rain to snow this morning, Environment Canada said. This snow will then taper off this afternoon or evening as the Colorado Low moves out of the area.

Wind gusts of 70 to 80 km/h will also weaken on Sunday evening. And there’s only up to five centimeters of snow that should accumulate, because much of it will melt when it hits the ground.

The areas under this rain warning are:

  • Bissett-Victoria Beach-Nopiming Provincial Park-Pine Falls.
  • City of Winnipeg.
  • Dugald-Beauséjour-Grand Plage.
  • Morden-Winkler-Altona-Morris.
  • Portage la Prairie-Headingley-Brunkild-Carman.
  • Selkirk-Gimli-Stonewall-Woodlands.

Another rain warning is also in place for the following regions:

  • Steinbach-St. Adolphe-Emerson-Vita-Richer.
  • Sprague-Northwest Angle Provincial Forest.
  • Whiteshell-Lac du Bonnet-Pinawa.

The Colorado low is expected to bring 25 to 50 millimeters to southeastern Manitoba this weekend.

The same strengthening northerly wind will also turn rain to snow in those parts of the province, which is also expected to ease Sunday evening and see no more than two inches of snowfall.