Poppy Family singer-songwriter Susan Jacks dies at 73 in B.C. hospital while awaiting second kidney transplant

Canadian singer-songwriter Susan Jacks, who lit up the airwaves with her band’s 1969 smash hit “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” died aged 73 while awaiting a second kidney transplant.

Jacks left an indelible mark on the Canadian music scene as the lead singer of the Poppy Family, who also featured the vocals of her then-husband Terry Jacks, most notably on another smash hit, “Where Evil Grows”. .

Jacks is remembered for a sweet voice that helped her music career soar, but also for the humility that kept her grounded, even as she became a household name through constant airing and to the group’s performances on national television.

Her older brother, Rick Pesklevits, says Jacks “always sang” and caught the attention of high school bands before rising to prominence in Canada, then moving to Nashville before returning home to British Columbia.

Craig McCaw, Susan Jacks and Terry Jacks are seen here as the Poppy Family on April 26, 1968. (CBC Still Photo Collection/Alvin Armstrong)

Pesklevits says their brother Bill, whose name was referenced in his sister’s song, donated a kidney to her in 2010, but recent complications from infections put her on a waiting list for a another kidney before dying at a hospital in Surrey, British Columbia, on Monday.

Jacks leaves behind a son, as well as five brothers, a sister and two half-brothers. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made.