Making Music and Breaking Barriers from St. Kitts to Winnipeg

CBC community reporter Ayo Odeyemi set out to uncover and share the untold stories of “Africans” – Odeyemi’s phrase for Black Canadians who “have distinguished themselves and excelled, while breaking down boundaries and Protocols in the History of Friendly Manitoba”.

That’s exactly what Robert J. Hobson, aka “Bobby J”, did, with a song in his heart and in the studio.

The music icon started learning the drums as a teenager on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Decades later, he’s still making music in his Winnipeg home – music that’s hitting the UK charts

Odeyemi sat down with Hobson to learn the secrets of his success and the joy he exudes.

WATCH | Ayo Odeyemi talks to Bobby J about his musical journey:

Bobby J celebrates diversity with a song

Community journalist Ayo Odeyemi meets musician Bobby J to learn more about his musical journey from St. Kitts, Manitoba. 5:06

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