Search for missing 5-year-old Frank Young enters day 16

The search for a missing five-year-old boy from Saskatchewan has entered its 16th day.

Frank Young was last seen outside his home in Red Earth Cree Nation, 300 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon, on the afternoon of April 19. He was also seen on a playground in the northern part of the community.

At the time, Young was living with his aunt and uncle. The boy’s parents live in the Shoal Lake Cree Nation.

Carrot River RCMP provided an update Wednesday. They said the community and the area around it have been thoroughly searched.

All clues were investigated, although none provided Young’s whereabouts, according to Inspector Murray Chamberlin of the RCMP’s North District Management Team. He spoke on behalf of the Carrot River RCMP.

“Our focus now will be to move our searchers to the water. Now that the river is open, we have the opportunity to do so safely,” Chamberlin said.

Over the next few weeks, Saskatchewan RCMP will use boats and other methods to search the Carrot River for any signs of Young.

“We continue to encourage the public to share any information about Frank’s whereabouts. Anyone who has information or finds items of interest, such as clothing that appears to be out of place, should contact Carrot River RCMP immediately,” Chamberlin said.

“We remain determined to locate Frank.”

Chamberlin said search areas are decided based on the likelihood of how far a five-year-old child will travel. Although these areas have been thoroughly excavated, they continue to be examined.

Regarding ground research, Chamberlin said the snowpack is shrinking significantly with recent warm weather. However, this has caused some complications as some areas are flooded.

“Each search is unique and must be continually evaluated. We will search until we are sure we have exhausted all investigative opportunities.”