Vale Island, West Channel under evacuation order as waters rise around Hay River

Residents of Vale Island and West Channel in Hay River, Northwest Territories are urged to move to higher ground as waters may flood the area.

A public notice was posted on the Hay River website at 2 a.m. alerting residents to the evacuation order due to spring breakup.

The local state of emergency was declared around 1:30 a.m.

Those leaving for the heights are advised to register on the Hay River website.

Some of the accommodation options for those going include the Hay River Community Center RV Park, for those who have access to a motorhome or trailer. Electricity will be provided and there will be no cost to those using the sites.

There is also the evacuation center at the Hay River Community Center, where a bed and blanket will be provided, as well as basic food. There will be no charge for those staying there.

Residents can also stay in commercial accommodations, but are responsible for the costs. Residents can also stay with family and friends on higher ground or in other communities.

In an email, the city wrote that emergency officials will monitor the area and provide updates throughout the day.