Canadian Rangers celebrate their 75th anniversary in Victoria

Canadian Rangers from coast to coast will travel to Victoria on Friday to commemorate 75 years since the official establishment of the Canadian Ranger Corps.

After two years of pandemic restrictions, Sgt. Alexa Mandeville-Pasowisty said it was exciting to be able to travel again and have the chance to celebrate with other rangers.

Sergeant Alexa Mandeville-Pasowisty and Master Corporal Jerrica Sanderson are the only two Junior Canadian Rangers selected from the Northwest Territories to attend the Victoria Day weekend celebrations. (Celeste Decaire/CBC)

“I feel very honoured. I traveled all over Canada with the Junior Rangers program. I was made a sergeant after three or four years.”

Approximately 100 Canadian Rangers representing the five Canadian Ranger Patrol Groups will be in attendance. The multi-day event will include a formal ceremony at the home of the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. Janet Austin on May 23, the official date of her 75th birthday.

“I am delighted to see my friends who I have met on trips with the Rangers. They will be there and it will be like a little reunion, while attending the Victoria Day parade and the 75th anniversary,” says Mandeville-Pasowisty.

Prince Charles named Honorary Canadian Ranger

The ceremony will feature other dignitaries from across Canada, including Governor General Mary Simon. The Canadian Rangers will then take part in the Victoria Day Parade in downtown Victoria.

During this week’s royal visit to Yellowknife, Charles, the Prince of Wales, will meet the Northwest Territories Canadian Rangers at Fred Henne Territorial Park. Like his son Prince William, Charles will also be made an honorary member of the force.

Captain Chris Newman said honoring Prince Charles is a good tradition.

“Prince William was also an honorary ranger. Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate, were also given honorary ranger status, so that seems like a good way to keep him in the family.”

Capt. Chris Newman, Unit Information Officer of the First Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, helped the Rangers prepare for their installation ahead of Prince Charles’ visit. (Celeste Decaire/CBC)

Newman says sending Canadian Rangers from the Northwest Territories to the Victoria Weekend celebrations is a great way to represent the North and their service to the country.

“This is an important milestone for this organization, 75 years of loyal service to Canada, and particularly to the remote and isolated regions of this country.”

Over 5,000 Canadian Rangers serve in more than 200 communities across the country.

The Canadian Rangers 75th Anniversary Ceremony will be open to the public online through a live stream on the Canadian Army Facebook page on May 23 from 4:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. PT.