Israeli court ruling could pave way for Palestinian evictions in West Bank

Nothing is foreign29:36Israeli court ruling could pave way for Palestinian evictions in West Bank

An Israeli court ruling could allow the government to evict around 1,200 Palestinians from the Masafer Yatta area in the southern West Bank.

The May 4 ruling by the High Court of Justice dismissed earlier appeals against eviction orders issued against residents of the area, which Israel declared a military firing zone in the 1980s.

The Palestinians say they have a right to stay on the land and have lived there for generations, but Israel argues they are squatting and have no right to establish permanent residence in the firing zone.

The decision is criticized by some legal experts in Israel and the United Nations said in a press release that by upholding eviction orders, the court system has given “flames the Israeli government to perpetuate the practice of systematic oppression against the Palestinians.”

We talk to Israeli human rights lawyer Michael Sfard about how Masafer Yatta’s land became a legal and physical battleground and talk to Palestinian journalist Basel Adra about his experiences reporting on the land dispute which has been going on for 20 years.


  • Basel Adra, Palestinian journalist.
  • Michael Sfard, Israeli human rights lawyer.

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