Brady Tkachuk is the new NHL fan favorite

During Wednesday night’s first game of the spirited second-round series between the Oilers and Flames, the Calgary winger Matthew Tkachuk take an important step in his career. The 24-year-old scored his first career playoff hat trick that ultimately earned his team the chaotic 9-6 victory over their provincial rivals.

Neutral observers and dedicated fans everywhere were gobsmacked at the extent of the heckling that only the first 60 minutes of this playoff series had exhibited. It wasn’t just about goals, it was scrums after the whistle, wild streaks of desperation, goalie controversies – this series was an incredible example of what maximum hockey chaos can be. defenseless.

But the main attraction isn’t what happens next on the ice, but rather what Brady, Tkachuk’s brother, might do next in the stands.

The gargantuan 22-year-old younger brother who happens to be the captain of the Ottawa Senatorshas been seen doing absolutely anything and everything to celebrate his brother’s success so far in the playoffs.

In just a few weeks, he was seen stepping into the stands thrown at a Calgary fan event, participated in live broadcasts threatening to “, and celebrated the Flames’ victory in overtime in Game 7 of the first round in. It was later that it was in fact the child of a stranger and that the Calgary winger was “surprised that his parents let him go on the shoulders of Brady”.

All that to say that Brady is definitely the friendliest player in the entire NHL right now and all we want is more.

There’s simply no other player in the league who wholeheartedly embraces the spotlight like Brady. And that’s not to say he’s built for stardom or stardom outside of hockey anyway, but it’s in a unique and offbeat way that he gets so much praise for just being a normal bro. and solidarity – that’s how it is. also being a top player – who also likes to crack a few beers and sing karaoke after his own season is over.

For Brady, it’s not even close to liking what he can do on the ice. Of course, it’s important and he can still do a lot of good with it, having scored 30 goals and 67 points in 79 games for his Sens this season; But it goes further.

With the look of a grown-up baby — in the sweetest way possible — and the feeling of companionship you get from one of your dad’s friends who likes to hang out in his driveway on Friday nights, Brady is inevitably relatable. The way he can scream and scream and definitely scream “let’s go!!” with all the excitement in the world, makes every fan connect with him in a unique way.

In the NHL, fans have grown accustomed to its stars being perhaps the most boring human beings on the planet. Every time a quote is given with a bit of spice or snark in a post-game interview, the hockey world goes nuts. Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby were trained from birth to play this game of hockey and be the best in the world at their peak, but try to take anything that shows an ounce of personality away from them, and they’ll crumble under that different pressure. It’s certainly not a negative aspect, but they are far more entertaining on the ice than they will ever be off it.

Now, with Brady, we have our cup of entertainment overflowing with the antics he’s done and how he’s performed in the first four seasons of his career since being drafted fourth overall in 2018. And family seems to be the driving force behind being so open to the media and being the shining force in the north.

Brady adores his family. Obviously, being the son of longtime NHL player Keith Tkachuk has its perks, but it’s the unwavering support he has for his siblings. The love for his brother was evident, but according to a story of in 2020, during his sister Taryn’s high school field hockey championship game, Brady was in charge of keeping the crowd going and was even seen shouting in support standing out of the sunroof of their car as they drove past the pitch before the game. Even without cameras on him or any attention other than some field hockey fans, Brady is the life of any crowd.

There is a uniqueness to his personality in the sport of hockey, but it is also something so common among all fans. It’s this relativity that makes Brady such an interesting character and something you want to invest in. In other sports they seem to have an abundance of big personalities, but in the subdued nature of high-level hockey that’s something desperately needed and a 6-foot-4 winger playing in the capital of Canada on a young, rising team could do just that.

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