Mounties help deliver a First Nation in northern Manitoba

A new mother in northern Manitoba and her baby are doing well, after being called in by two RCMP officers they won’t soon forget.

Responding to a call for service on Kinosao Sipi First Nation (also known as Norway House Cree Nation) on Friday morning, RCMP officers Dylan Fedrau and Lindsay Bawn entered a home to find Christian Danis already in labor .

Bawn cared for the woman while Fedrau delivered the baby, according to an RCMP news release.

RCMP officers then visited the family and brought the newborn an RCMP stuffed animal and blanket, the statement said.

Officers also learned the baby’s name – Dylan, after Fedrau.

Danis and Dylan are doing well, as is “very proud father” Mitchell Muskego, according to the RCMP statement.

Fedrau said he was “almost speechless”.

“I don’t know if I could have imagined helping deliver a baby by going to work in the morning, but I’m so glad I got to help and be one of the first to meet the little guy.”

Norway House RCMP Dylan Fedrau, left, and Const. Lindsay Bawn helped with the delivery on Friday. (RCMP)

Fedrau added that he was truly humbled that the parents named their son after him.

“I love working in this community, and now having such an incredible, permanent, lifelong connection to it means more to me than the family could possibly know,” he said.

The Kinosao Sipi First Nation is located approximately 460 kilometers north of Winnipeg.