Raytown man allegedly used machete nicknamed ‘little girl’ to attack neighbour: police

A 54-year-old man is accused of nearly killing his neighbor with a machete nicknamed “baby girl” after an argument and fight that unfolded at his Raytown apartment on Saturday night.

Donald C. Murphy, of Raytown, is charged with first-degree assault and felony action with a weapon in Jackson County Circuit Court, according to documents filed Sunday. Under Missouri law, Murphy faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for assault and up to 15 years for criminal action with a weapon if convicted.

According to the indictment documents, the agents of the Raytown Police Department were sent just before midnight on May 14 to the 7400 block of Overton Avenue for a reported assault. There, officers saw a man being treated by paramedics before being transported to the research medical center.

The victim told officers that Murphy cut him and Murphy was detained.

As officers took her into custody, her daughter climbed onto the deck of the apartment and Murphy told her to go get “little girl” – a pet name for her machete, wrote a detective in the court document. Officers saw her exit holding the blade and asked her to bring the weapon back inside.

During a sweep of Murphy’s apartment, officers noticed blood near the front door and saw the “blood-stained” machete resting on the living room loveseat. A large amount of blood was also seen outside the victim’s apartment door.

Murphy’s daughter told a Raytown detective that the three of them were outside on the deck and she was sitting near some plants. At one point, the victim allegedly approached her – saying he was going to ‘check the plants’ – and gave her an unwelcome hug, according to court records.

The action led to an argument between Murphy and the neighbor, she told police. The two men entered the apartment where there was a short scuffle, during which Murphy allegedly retrieved his machete and punched the victim. Police observed apparently dried blood on the woman’s legs, feet and hands which apparently came from the neighbor.

During an interview with a police detective, Murphy said he was drinking on the bridge with the victim when the argument began. Murphy recalled telling his neighbor to leave and warning him “not to take a little girl out on him,” the detective wrote in charging documents.

At one point, Murphy alleged that the neighbor pushed him over the coffee table and “lost him.” He would then have admitted to having retrieved the machete from a cupboard and to having struck the neighbor several times with the blade.

Murphy also asked detectives to review surveillance footage that would offer the best account of what happened, according to the court document.

Video footage showed the neighbor attempting to exit through the apartment while carrying two plants. While confronted by Murphy, the document states, he was seen pushing him onto a coffee table before falling to the ground. As he tries to get out, Murphy is then seen swinging the machete “wildly”, hitting his neighbor several times in the back before they both walk out into the hallway.

The police questioned the neighbor at the Research Medical Center. He accused Murphy of becoming confrontational on other occasions when they drank together and said he was trying to leave the apartment peacefully when he was attacked, court records show.

The cuts caused serious injuries, according to the document. Several lacerations required stitches and two caused bone fractures.

A detective noted in the charging document that Murphy had no significant criminal history.

On Friday, Murphy was being held in the Jackson County Jail on $100,000 bond. A bond review hearing is scheduled to take place in Jackson County Circuit Court on June 2.

Raytown Police Department officers were dispatched just before midnight May 14 to the 7400 block of Overton Avenue for a reported assault. This Google Maps view shows the general area.