The Pearsons reunite one last time to pay tribute to Rebecca

The end is near for NBCthe famous family drama It’s us, and NBC has released first-look images for the May 24 series finale, “Us.”

In it, the Big Three and their families are seen dressed in black as they gather for Rebecca’s funeral. There are photos of Randall and Kate praising their mother, Kevin is seen having a lovely interaction with Uncle Nicky, Randall shares a moment with Deja, who is expecting her first grandchild, there is one last photo of KaToby, and The Big Three spend some time together sitting on the steps of the family cabin.

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There’s clearly a Pin the tail on the Donkey thread that will connect the past and the future, with photos of the mourners playing the game on the day of Rebecca’s funeral and young Rebecca holding the book with The Big Three still in a stroller.

In an interview at Deadline’s Awardsline screening of It’s us‘ penultimate episode “The Train” earlier this week, It’s us creator Dan Fogelman teased the finale, which he wrote.

“In the final episode, we’ll try to capture something simple that, while sad, is kind of a day in the life, which is so much about the show, set against Rebecca’s funeral,” he said. -he declares.

The show intentionally solved all the major mysteries ahead of time “so people can sit down with the family in the final episode in the easiest way,” Fogelman said. “Although it will make you cry it will make you sad, the end of the finale moves me in a different way. I think the cast and crew captured something about the human condition and the condition of being someone in the family that I’m really proud of.

He also jokingly teased another death and shared a line from the finale, “I wish I had enjoyed it more while it was still happening instead of worrying about the ending,” revealing which character says it.

You can watch the video again below. To launch the photo gallery, click on the image above.

Launch the gallery: ‘This Is Us’ Series Finale – Photo Gallery

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