Styrian police officer arrested on suspicion of serious fraud


Daily receipts from a gas station stolen several times and borrowed money not paid back.

A Styrian police officer was arrested on Friday on suspicion of serious fraud and is currently in custody.

The 59-year-old from the Voitsberg district is said to have “committed multiple acts of fraud and property crimes,” said the Styrian state police department on Saturday. Among other things, he is said to have stolen the daily receipts from a gas station several times together with an accomplice. He is also accused of disciplinary misconduct. As the KURIER was able to find out, this should primarily concern the handling of the equipment outside of work, as well as the use of the uniform outside of work.

The policeman is said to have repeatedly borrowed money from private individuals over the years, but never paid it back. The motive may have been financial difficulties, possibly due to gambling addiction. According to the surveys, the damage is said to be in the range of several tens of thousands of euros.The officer only partially admitted to the allegations made.

The first allegations became known in December last year. At that time, the responsible service authority of the State Police Directorate (LPD) Styria immediately (provisionally) suspended the 59-year-old from work. The Federal Disciplinary Authority (BMKÖS) has now confirmed the suspension. Criminal investigations were also initiated immediately. The suspicion has now been substantiated to such an extent that the man was arrested on Friday by order of the public prosecutor’s office in Graz.