Dave Chapelle slammed for John Mulaney jokes

Comedian Chappelle, 48, reportedly cracked new transphobic jokes during a surprise appearance at the John Mulaney show in Columbus. (Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Comedian Dave Chappelle is facing criticism after attendees of John Mulaney’s Friday show in Columbus, Ohio claimed the jokes he made during his surprise appearance were aimed at the transgender community.

No phones or recording devices were allowed at the Schottenstein Center event, however, attendees shared on social media that Chappelle, who lives in Ohio, made a series of transphobic jokes as he performed the opening set. Many attendees, who were there to see Mulaney and had no idea Chappelle would appear, were outraged by the alleged statements.

“My favorite part of tonight was when Dave Chappelle ambushed us at the John Mulaney show, told a bunch of transphobic jokes, a huge stadium of people laughed, and then John Mulaney hugged him. arms at the end,” one Twitter user said. wrote.

“god dave chappelle at the columbus john mulaney show was so grumpy – made me embarrassed by his repurposed, bland, transphobic comedy that can literally be found in any online comment section from a pissed off twelve year old “, another Twitter used mentioned.

Many attendees expressed their disappointment with Mulaney, as he allegedly took the stage and hugged Chappelle after performing the first set.

On the other hand, some participants were delighted with Chappelle’s cameo. There were also several people defending the two comedians, saying that just because Mulaney opened Chappelle to him doesn’t mean he agrees with all of his jokes.

It’s been a tumultuous month for Chappelle, who was attacked onstage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles while performing as part of the Netflix is ​​a festival of jokes. The striker rushed at him towards the end of the set and tackled him to the ground, according to footage collected at the time. The man then fled behind a screen on stage, where he was found by security.

Chappelle was not injured in the incident, police said. He continued his set, even making jokes about the attack.

“He was a trans man,” he said, referring to controversy surrounding comments he made in his 2021 Netflix special. The closest. In the special, he said “gender is a fact” and went on to defend Harry Potter author JK Rowling, known for making transphobic statements.

Since his Netflix special sparked controversy, the comedian has continued to fuel the fire with additional jokes about the LGBTQ+ community. Return in November to the screening of his documentary Untitled, Chappelle reportedly used the anti-gay “f-slur” and made pronoun jokes. He also pretended to identify as a woman to get a more comfortable prison cell.

Despite his statements, it’s clear Chappelle won’t be slowing his momentum anytime soon. In February, it was announced that it would be returning to Netflix with a series of new specials, titled The local Chappelle team.