Morgan Freeman, Rob Reiner, AOC among Americans ‘permanently’ banned from Russia

Actors like Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner, along with politicians Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the late Senator John McCain, are among the 963 Americans on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s blacklist of those whose nation is “permanently closed”. ”

the documentpublished on Saturday by the official authorities, was accompanied by a statement from the ministry saying the reason behind the list was “anti-Russian sanctions” and is likely directed at people who have spoken out against the country in the past. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, Hunter Biden, Senator Lindsey Graham, journalist George Stephanopoulos, film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg and others made the cut.

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“We emphasize that hostile actions taken by Washington, which reflect back to the United States itself, will continue to receive appropriate rebuff,” the statement said. “The Russian countersanctions are necessary and aimed at forcing the ruling US regime – which is trying to impose a neocolonial “rules-based world order” on the rest of the world – to change its behavior, recognizing new geopolitical realities.

He continued, “Russia does not seek control and is open to honest and mutually respectful dialogue, separating the American people – whom we invariably respect – from the American authorities who stoke Russophobia and those who serve them. It is the latter people who are included in the Russian “black list”. »

Reiner and Freeman in particular spear a nonprofit called the Russia Investigative Committee in 2017, following alleged interference by the country in the 2016 election.

Greene’s inclusion on the list is a little more peculiar, given that she was one of eight legislatures (including the AOC) that opposite the seizure and redirection to Ukraine of assets controlled by Russian oligarchs linked to President Vladimir Putin. She also voted versus all legislative efforts to support Ukraine. On the other hand, the AOC has been vocal of his condemnation of the war.

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