Google Nest Thermostat is on sale on Amazon

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Still trying to manually lower the temperature in your home? What are you, a caveman? Get smart! (Photo: Amazon)

Smart devices aren’t just smart because they can connect to the internet or tell you the weather — the best devices are also designed to help you save money.

Take the top rated Google Nest Thermostat, for example. The smart thermostat can analyze your home’s heating and cooling patterns, then adjust the room temperature accordingly. In fact, he knows he needs to stay snug when your family is home and tone it down when it’s just you. It also automatically turns off the heating when you leave your house for the day.

Right now you can get one for $97 on Amazon – that’s $33 off! This thing is so popular that it’s got a five-star rating from over 7,000 reviewers!

$99 $130 at Amazon

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the Google Nest Thermostat also syncs with your smartphone via the Nest app. Now you can control the temperature in your home, even if you’ve just returned from the store or just landed at the airport. It’s even great if you’re in bed and just don’t want to get up to adjust the thermostat.

“…I love being in bed and turning it on from my phone, if needed,” shared a delighted five-star reviewer. “Or the heat will come on when I walk into my driveway. It was very easy to set the schedule and adjust it as I see fit. I think Google does an amazing job of simplifying the instructions with guided tours fast.”

The user adjusts the Nest Thermostat by turning the outside.

The Google Nest Thermometer pays for itself. (Photo: Amazon)

$99 $130 at Amazon

Here’s the payoff: all that precise, targeted temperature adjustment can lower your heating and cooling bill. Translation: it pays off in the long run (or maybe not so long). According to Nestthe Google Nest Thermostat can save you up to 12% on average on a heating bill and up to 15% on air conditioning per year.

“…You can set a schedule on the app for the temperature you want it to be set throughout the day and while you sleep,” explained a satisfied Amazon buyer. “It geo-fences your location and will increase the temperature when you leave the house if you wish. It’s definitely a must have for busy people like my wife and I… The thermostat has definitely made a noticeable change to our bill electricity and it’s not difficult to use or set up. If you’re on the fence go for it, I did it and I’m so happy…”

“I love it and it looks amazing on the wall of my mid-century house,” added another happy five star reviewer. “It works perfectly and I’ve had no problems setting it up and using it. I wish I had one of these Nest devices years ago – it’s a real game changer in my home. Very convenient to use compared to the old one that I had to get up and change all the time!”

$99 $130 at Amazon

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