Everything We Know About Ron Lafferty’s Ex-Wife, Dianna

UNDER THE SKY BANNER, L-R: Denise Gough, Sam Worthington, ‘Why God Was Love’, (Season 1, ep. 101, aired April 28, 2022). photo: Michelle Faye/FX on Hulu/Courtesy Everett Collection

The chilling murder cases of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her 15-month-old daughter that sent shockwaves through Utah’s Mormon community in the 1980s are at the center of the true crime thriller series “Under the banner of heaven.” The FX miniseries in seven episodeswhich is based on 2003 self-titled non-fiction bestseller by Jon Krakauerstars Andrew Garfield and Daisy EdgarJones in starring roles as he examines how deeply held religious beliefs played a vital role in a tragic double murder. The gruesome murders were perpetrated by Brenda’s brothers-in-law, Ron and Dan Lafferty, who believed they were prophets and claimed divine revelations from God as the motivation for the murders.

Although most of the adaptation focuses on the troubled fundamentalist brothers and their misguided principles, Ron’s married life with his then-wife, Dianna Lafferty, also had an impact on their murderous machinations. Keep reading to learn more about Dianna, her rocky marriage to Ron, and a little update on where she is now.

Who is Diana Lafferty?

The Laffertys were considered an important devout Mormon family. Their patriarch, Watson Lafferty, indoctrinated his six children, including Ron and Dan, with extreme values. According to Krakauer’s book “Under the Banner of Heaven”, Ron and Dianna first met in Florida, where the former was on a two-year mission of the Church of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and the second was completing her training in nursing. The couple married shortly after dating and moved to Utah to be closer to Ron’s family. The two had six children. Penelope Weiss, Dianna’s friend, opened up to Krakauer about the couple’s married life, saying their marriage was “so happy for sixteen and a half years.” She remembered Ron as a good husband and a levelheaded, responsible eldest son who often mediated disagreements in the family.

Why did Dianna Lafferty leave Ron Lafferty?

Things got worse when Dan slowly began to instill in Ron his extreme fundamentalist beliefs, including embracing the practice of polygamy, which had long been outlawed by the Mormon Church in 1890. Soon after, Ron began to lobby for Dianna to partake in her newfound penchant for a polygamous lifestyle and became increasingly abusive towards her over time. Soon the brothers were excommunicated from the LDS Church, and they joined an extreme sect of Mormonism called School of the Prophets.

After losing his job, financial problems increased the tension between the couple and, as Ron crumbled into a self-righteous spiral, Dianna turned to Brenda, the wife of Lafferty’s youngest son, Allen, for support. acquire help. Brenda, who disagreed with Ron and Dan’s fundamentalist views, strongly advised Dianna to file for divorce from Ron. Unable to find another way out, Dianna formally filed for divorce, which was finalized in 1983. After their separation, Dianna returned to Florida, taking their six children with her.

When Brenda stopped Allen from joining the School of Seers following persuasion from his brothers, Ron accused Brenda of trying to split their family. Already enraged by Brenda’s role in her divorce from Dianna, Ron directed his resentment at Brenda and three others. he considered “the obstacles in his way”. In March 1984, Ron hatched a murderous plot and killed Brenda and her daughter, Erica.

Where is Dianna Lafferty now?

While there is no public information on Dianna’s current whereabouts, the latest update on her after her divorce from Ron suggests she still lives in Florida with her children.