What you need to know about the “brozilian” wax experience

It’s the time of year when women partake in a year-round below-the-waist maintenance favorite: Brazilian waxing. However, the guys adopted those salon services formerly considered to be women only in recent years. It may not come as much of a shock that we follow the example of the female gender and make the leap to the “Brozilian” wax experience.

Invented by BriskNPosha beauty salon in New York, the term originated from the founder Natalia Romanenko global mission to create an inclusive and diverse community, changing the public’s perspective on hair removal. From my first visit to BriskNPosh, I immediately felt safe and comfortable, which made the somewhat painful personal area hair removal experience less daunting.

Keep reading for all the pro tips to help you prepare for a Brozilian wax treatment.

Preparation for a brozilian wax

Be sure to clean your nether regions thoroughly. You don’t want to lie on the waxing table and have unnecessary surprises. If you shave or normally use Hair hair removal creams, you will have to wait until the hair has grown back. This is recommended to ensure there is hair that can be pulled from the roots for a smooth, bump-free finish. After a heavy shower, do not apply oils, lotions or creams to the areas to be waxed, as this will affect the effectiveness of the treatment. Finally, if you are sensitive to pain, it is best to take an ibuprofen to quickly overcome any uncomfortable sensations.

What to expect during a Brozilian

Keep in mind that the Brozilian encompasses the front and back of your most vulnerable and sensitive areas, but you needn’t be shy as you will have booked with a qualified clinical advisor.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was advised to undress and lie on my back on the treatment table. For the front of my lower areas, as I had a large amount of hair, the beautician took a razor to cut the hair down to a waxable size. For this part of the process, I lay down with my legs wrapped in a physical four shape as instructed by my shoe shiner, as this is best for banding and waxing. For the penis, perineum and inner lower areas, a numbing gel was applied after each strip was pulled, which in itself significantly reduced pain. The wax itself felt warm and pleasant to the touch, and the pain was minimal and short-lived.

After the front side was done, I was asked to go back and lay out the eagle. My beautician quickly applied the wax to the middle of my back, and in three quick strips the process was finally complete.

After care

Tracking is minimal and precise. I was advised to keep the the skin dry and cool as best as possible during the first 24 hours. My epilator was adamant about not taking hot showers until the 24 hours were up or you could risk irritation or infections as the pores are open to bacteria during this time.

After having a Brozilian for the first time, I knew it was something I would do again as I enjoyed the overall look and the extra confidence I gained from the experience. I’ve always celebrated hair in a positive way for myself and others, but this treatment was rejuvenating and a big change from my usual look. If you are looking to try the Brozilian, I would recommend it 10 out of 10.