Dad’s cookie brand stops making Goodie Rings

Hope Shelley scoured the shelves of grocery stores and convenience stores for months in search of the most elusive cookie: daddy’s candy rings.

Generations of children have grown up on the cookie, known for its chewy center of peanut butter, oats and coconut compressed together and dipped in a waxy chocolate coating.

“It was one of those good nostalgic treats from your childhood,” said Shelley, a mom and nanny from Saskatoon.

The cookies are sealed in Dad’s signature yellow bag and have been a snack aisle mainstay for decades.

But they have become almost impossible to find.

“People say online they found them at Shoppers [Drug Mart] or Walmart and I’m like, I don’t know where because they’re not there,” Shelley said.

For Goodie Ring enthusiasts, the mystery has an unfortunate answer.

The company that makes the Goodie Rings in Canada has inexplicably stopped production of the treats.

“Our Goodie Ring cookies have been out of production for some time now. We are sorry to disappoint you,” said a spokesperson for Mondelez International, maker of the cookies.

In 2012, Mondelez, one of the biggest snack companies in the world, took control of the Dad brand. Dad’s has been known for its crunchy oatmeal cookies since 1929 and has “thriving” across Canada, according to its website.

The cookie became available in a variety of combinations of flavors, textures, and formats. Goodie Rings – sometimes sold as part of an assortment of chocolate covered oatmeal cookies – were often a household favorite and the first to be eaten.

A spokesperson for Mondelez was unable to provide further details, including when the company stopped making Goodie Rings, why it stopped production and whether it might start making the cookie again.

“Unfortunately, we would not know the exact reason as products can enter a non-production state for many reasons,” the spokesperson, who did not provide his name, said in a Facebook post.

People search for popular cookies

There are Facebook threads and Reddit posts dedicated to finding Goodie Rings and some people have tried to replicate the recipe.

“Where can I find dad’s gift rings? I’m looking for these amazing cookies and can’t find them at all, anywhere,” user GreGmirezz posted on Reddit’s r/Alberta page.

“Does anyone know of a store that still sells these? I’ll pay for shipping if they’re available where you are,” GreGmirezz asked.

“I’ve tried a few copycat recipes but never been satisfied. I wish I had a good one too,” Tara Robinson posted on Facebook.

People are sharing the latest Goodie Ring sighting on Facebook feeds. (Facebook)

Charles Tooke, owner of Lakeview Fine Foods in Regina, said he began noticing his Goodie Rings orders were not being filled by distributors in early 2021.

At first, he assumed it was pandemic-related, like the toilet paper shortages of 2020.

“Usually we could find a reason like this, a temporary thing or a production issue because of the pandemic. But this one seems to be the one that’s just kind of a mystery,” Tooke said.

The cookies were a best seller and for the first few months Tooke regularly had people stopping by or phoning to see if he had any stock.

“They’ve sold really well. People love them. People are looking for them all the time,” Tooke said.

“So it wasn’t a problem of, you know, things that just don’t move. They moved pretty well, but they just sort of disappeared. And from what I could tell , nobody really has a concrete answer to why,” Tooke said.

The Mondelez Facebook spokesperson noted that the Goodie Rings aren’t discontinued, they’re just in a non-production state, giving snackers hope that the chewy, chocolatey treats might one day grace shelves again. grocery stores.

This isn’t the first time Mondelez has dropped a cookie from his dad’s line, either.

In 2017, it angered consumers for ditching its chocolate chip cookie.

The disappearance of Goodie Rings has a particular impact in Saskatchewan.

Dad’s cookies used to be made in Regina.

The company originally made cookies out of a factory on Dewdney Avenue, moving to Albert Street in the 1950s and then to White City in the 1960s, according to the City of Regina.


In 1984, Dad’s Cookies left the province, moving its operations to Toronto.