Hanson says he met their wives at their shows

Taylor Hanson, Zac Hanson and Isaac Hanson in Austin, Texas in 2019. (Getty Images)

Pop sensations Hanson – the Taylor brothers, Zac and Isaac Hanson – have shared how they’ve all met their wives at their gigs, with older brother Isaac saying he sees himself as the matchmaker.

The group, which rose to fame in 1997 with the song ‘mmmmop’spoke to Kate Thorton on White Wine Question Time about their experience of stardom so young and how they met their wives at Hanson’s shows.

Isaac said he ‘sang the whole show’ to his now wife – Nikki Dufresne – and when he realized she was leaving when he made ‘an ass of himself by audienceā€ trying to get her attention from the stage, he asked for a stage manager to make sure she stayed after the show.

The 41-year-old said: “That’s when I freaked out because I had made it known that I was very interested in meeting her and that she was leaving.

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“And so I called the stage manager and I said, you see these two these two girls – she was there with a friend – don’t let these two people go.

“I had sung the whole show to her. I threw a guitar pick at her and hit her with it. She still has the guitar pick.”

He said he also freaked out because she was ‘unimpressed’ with the group’s ‘celebrity’ and thought he was just flirting with the crowd, but knowing what his wife looks like now, he understand why she was like that.

AUSTIN, TEXAS - JULY 18: (L-R) Vocalists Taylor Hanson, Isaac Hanson and Zac Hanson of Hanson perform onstage during the Recording Academy Texas Chapter 25th Anniversary Gala at ACL Live on July 18, 2019 in Austin, Texas.  (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images)

Taylor Hanson, Isaac Hanson and Zac Hanson of Hanson perform onstage in 2019. (Rick Kern/Getty Images)

The group, which is preparing a tour of more than 90 concerts for its latest album Red Green Blue, also revealed that Isaac acted as a matchmaker for his two brothers on another Hanson show, with the two meeting their wives on the same show.

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Isaac said, “I just like to think about it because I’m the matchmaker, right? And all the great things in your life that you owe me.”

Taylor explained that his wife, Natalie Anne Bryant, and younger brother Zac’s wife, Kathryn Tucker, were invited to the show by someone they toured with, after working with them on previous events.

Isaac said he “made sure they came over and said hello.” The brothers now have 15 children between them.

Portrait of Hanson, Isaac, Taylor, Zac, MTV Europe Awards, Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November 6, 1997. (Photo by Gie Knaeps/Getty Images)

Isaac, Zac and Taylor at the MTV Europe Awards in 1997. (Getty Images)

Looking back on meeting his own wife, Issac admitted he thought she was “a little freaked out” because she’s “pretty introverted”.

Saying he was “pretty excited”, he told her he thought they should hang out because he was only in New Orleans after the show for a short time.

He added: “We hung around all night until the bus had to leave and we went dancing on Bourbon Street.

“I think she was impressed because you know, she stuck around.”

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