Judge denies bail to protester charged in southern Alberta border blockade

A judge has denied bail to a man charged with conspiracy to commit murder at a border blockade in southern Alberta.

Chris Carbert, 45, appeared Friday by video in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Lethbridge to hear the decision after a bail hearing last week.

Judge Johnna Kubik’s reasons for decision are protected by a publication ban.

Carbert and three other men are charged with conspiring to kill police officers during a blockade near Coutts, Alta., to protest COVID-19 vaccination mandates and other pandemic restrictions.

One of the men, Christopher Lysak, was denied bail in March.

Anthony Olienick, whose bail hearing began this morning, and Jerry Morin are also being held.

The Crown has already indicated its intention to try the four men together.

They are due back in court on June 13.

The protest near Coutts began in late January and lasted nearly three weeks.

Fourteen people were charged in February after RCMP found a cache of long guns, handguns, body armor, large amounts of ammunition and high-capacity magazines in three trailers.

Police allege a group present at the protest were prepared to use force if the blockade was broken. Officers described the threat as “very serious”.