Jerry Bruckheimer provides update on new ‘National Treasure’ project

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer provided an interesting update on an upcoming project in the national treasure franchise.

In a recent reddit WADA for Top Gun: Mavericka user asked if the producer had “[a]ny plans to work with Nicholas Cage again soon,” to which Bruckheimer replied, “Absolutely. I love Nicolas, he’s a brilliant actor and we’re currently working on a script for National Treasure.” Although he didn’t reveal if the script was for national treasure 3 or the TV series, it seems likely that Cage will return to this franchise at some point.

In March 2021, it was confirmed that a national treasure The TV series was in the works at Disney+ with a younger cast. Production began in February 2022 and in April it was announced that Justin Bartha would reprise his role as Riley Poole in the first and second film. It remains to be seen if Cage will make an appearance, however.

A national treasure 3 would have been under construction circa 2020 with Chris Bremner penning the script, but no updates on that specific project have been shared so far.

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