This 19-Year-Old Video Of Jennifer Aniston Is Proof She Hasn’t Aged A Day

Considering Friends ran for an incredible 10 seasons over 10 years, Jennifer Aniston knows what it’s like to say goodbye to so much of her career. So it makes sense that she took the time to pay tribute to her pal Ellen DeGeneres, whose talk show, The Ellen Show, is coming to an end after 19 years.

Jen posted a 42-second video to Instagram, in which the actress reveals she was actually the first (and last, sob) guest to grace these iconic couch seats. The video also went through a compilation of the staggering 20 (!!) times Jen has been on the show.

The first video, which was taken on September 8, 2003, shows Jennifer offering Ellen a welcome mat for any new guests on the show she would host over the years. Of course it’s so nice to see the 19-year-old throwback video but there’s one thing we can’t help but think about: how Jen An looks exactly the same.

In the old video, she does sports her signature choppy layers and caramel blonde balayage – a look she still wears today. Although you won’t see her face for very long, all of the clips of Jennifer’s appearances over the next 19 years show that she barely aged. I honestly can’t tell which clips are from, say, 15 years ago and which are newer. Sure, celebrities have access to the most innovative skincare and makeup, but we have to say, Jen looks incredulous.

In the emotional caption, Jen wrote, “19 years old. Boy, it went by in a flash. We all need laughter in our lives and that’s something Ellen gave to me and the whole world. Thank you for making so many people’s dreams come true. We will miss you @theellenshow! ❤️👋🏼😭”

This may be the perfect opportunity to bring together the Friends chosen for another meeting instead, right, Jen? Please. We implore you.

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