MPP Randy Hillier faces 9 more charges after convoy protest in Ottawa

A provincial politician in eastern Ontario has surrendered to police and faces further charges, this time related to the convoy protest and occupation of downtown Ottawa this winter.

Ottawa police announced nine counts against independent MP for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Randy Hillier in a press release Monday morning, saying they had complaints “in relation to social media posts and other activities of an individual” during the so-called Freedom Convoy.

The fees are:

  • A count of assaulting a peace officer or public officer.
  • Two counts of obstructing or resisting a public officer.
  • One count of obstructing or resisting someone assisting a public or a peace officer.
  • Three counts of advising an indictable offense not committed, two of which were considered mischief.
  • Two counts of mischief or obstruction of property over $5,000.

Hillier went to Ottawa Police Headquarters on Monday morning. He told reporters he was doing so after receiving a call from police on Sunday.

He denied assaulting an officer, saying he only greeted people “with love and affection, hugs and handshakes”.

“So unless handshakes or warm hugs are now considered assault, I have no idea,” he said.

Attorney David Anber said he would like a bond hearing on Monday. Ottawa police say Hillier is due in court on Monday.

Independent Member of Parliament for Eastern Ontario, Randy Hillier, arrives at Ottawa Police Headquarters on March 28, 2022. (Stephen Hoff/CBC)

There were calls for Hillier’s arrest in February when he tweeted that people should ‘keep calling’ after Ottawa police tweeted that people should stop calling ‘the hotlines. ‘Emergency and Operational Critics’ to express their dissatisfaction with the actions of the police to clear the streets.

Hillier faces other charges for breaking COVID-19 pandemic rules, and he said Monday he faces about 25 charges for various COVID manifestations.

Earlier this month, Hillier said he would not stand for re-election in June to the seat he has held since 2007.