Right-wing organization launches chilling map pointing to schools as ‘woke hotspots’

A far-right organization in Missouri has released an ominous map alerting followers to ‘hotspots’ of so-called ‘woke’ activity in the state.

As of Monday, the 12 locations on the map spanned all educational institutions and were linked to articles, videos and tweets destroying things like critical race theory and diversity training. The information named at least 12 specific schools or school districts – particularly chilling in light of the growing number of mass school shootings in the United States.

The Liberty Alliance is “determined to fight the woke agenda that pervades all of Missouri,” reads one statement on the conservative group’s website next to a smudge-strewn map of the state.

“The first step in the fight back is uncovering their crazy ideas – from critical race theory to grooming toddlers with sexually explicit books,” the statement added. “That’s why we’ve officially launched the Woke Heat Map – an interactive tool designed to expose the senseless actions of the radical left. This map will alert Missourians to the madness happening in their own communities.

Critical race theory, an academic framework that examines how policies and laws perpetuate systemic racism, has become a right boogeyman. Educators say the term has been militarized by the right to limit diversity initiatives and teachings about race and US history.

Apart from the articles, the map is in no way “interactive”, as claimed. Instead, subscribers are encouraged to interact with the organization by filling out forms on the webpage reporting “woke hotspots” for the map.

Lawyer Ron Filipkowski uncovered a video interview with Liberty Alliance executive director Spencer Bone singing about the new initiative keeping track of any “crazy action taken by a crazed leftist”. While describing the hotspots on the map, Bone begins to refer to places where “gender extremism” has been pushed, but corrects himself to say “woke extremism”.

Some of Filipkowski’s Twitter followers found it amusing, but most were disturbed by it — especially in light of the growing number of hate-fueled mass shootings.

Liberty Alliance could not immediately be reached for comment.

Little is known about the funding of the organization. It is registered as social protection agency rather than a political action committee under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. This classification allows him to dodge campaign finance filing requirements, even if the The Missouri Democratic Party said the group is involved in the elections.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.