This American married to royalty, now she’s dead


An American-born princess whose fairytale life turned into a modern horror story has died at her home in Spain.

Kasia Gallanio, 45, was born to Polish parents in Los Angeles but spent the last years of her troubled life fighting for custody of the three daughters she had with the Prince of Qatar, Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al- Thani, who is 30 years old. senior and the uncle of the Emir of Qatar.

Al-Thani moved to Paris in 1992 after being ousted from the royal family for allegedly trying to overthrow the emir. There he met Gallanio, who would eventually become his third wife, and convinced her to convert to Islam. Gallanio was embroiled in a $65million lawsuit after it was discovered that someone had fraudulently siphoned funds from Al-Thani’s bank account at Barclay, which made headlines across France at the end of the 1990s.

Gallanio left her husband following allegations that her husband sexually abused one of his three daughters when she was between 9 and 15 years old, and the two had been in a bitter custody battle which revealed numerous family secrets of the Qatari royal family, with allegations that ran the gamut from infidelity to corruption.

Al-Thani denies all the allegations and maintained custody of the three girls at his Paris home while Gallanio lived in a palace in Marbella, Spain, where French media reported she struggled with depression and drug addiction and l ‘alcohol.

Galliano had fled with her daughters from this lavish Paris apartment, but Al-Thani had recently regained custody of the girls and they had returned with him to Paris, according to French and Spanish media. If they attempted to visit their mother, the prince would have made them sleep in the servants’ quarters until they repented, according to French media.

A full autopsy is underway on Tuesday, but first responders said they suspect his death was a drug overdose. Police attended the Costa del Sol beach house after she did not answer phone calls from her children for several days. They have now launched an investigation into all the circumstances surrounding his death, including whether it was inspired by the bitter custody battle.

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